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Citadel paint from Games Workshop is a huge collection of colours and paint styles, made so you can paint the way you want. Base paints, glazes, shades, layers, air or spray plus more.
Check out one of the world's most popular ranges of miniature paints.
Citadel - Base Paints
The foundation upon which the entire painting system is based, a well-applied basecoat gives your model a smooth starting point for later stages. Basecoats use Citadel Base paints, with their high pigment content and excellent coverage. more info
Citadel - Contrast Paints
The latest paint range from GW, you can base, shade and highlight in one coat with Contrast paints. In Stock Now
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Citadel - Shade Paints
Washing is a technique that brings out all of the subtle details and textures on your model using Citadel Shades. Formulated to flow into recesses, Citadel Shades provide natural, effective shading and define details on your miniatures. more info
Citadel - Layer Paints
Layering is the method by which painters use increasingly lighter colours to create highlights on the raised areas of models or add layers of lighter colour. Citadel Layer paints are formulated with a certain opacity so they can be applied over Base paints and each other with great results. more info
Citadel - Dry Paints
Drybrushing is an excellent technique for capturing raised details and creating natural highlights on models, especially those with a lot of small details or sharp edges. Citadel Dry paints are designed to make this much-loved method of painting as straightforward as possible. more info
Citadel - Edge Paints
The Citadel Edge Paints have been developed to help give your miniatures a final sharp, bright highlight. The paints possess the same formulation as the Citadel Layer Paints, but with a much lighter shade to help and you can use them alongside the rest of the Citadel Paint range. more info
Citadel - Technical Paints
Citadel Technical paints are designed to help you achieve a range of effects, from creating rust and corrosion to the foetid slurry of Nurgle’s Rot or the bloody gore of Blood for the Blood God. The range also includes Agrellan Earth and Martian Ironearth for creating dry, cracked ground. more info
Citadel - Texture Paints
A miniature is never truly finished until it has been based. Citadel Texture Paint is the perfect way to ensure all the bases in your army have brilliant, consistent finishes. more info
Citadel - Air Paints
A popular technique for painting Citadel miniatures is to use an airbrush for basecoats and layers, achieving a smooth, neat basecoat (or layer) in virtually no time. The Citadel Air paint range consists of 51 colours drawn from the Base and Layer range and specially formulated to be fired through an airbrush with no extra preparation.
The range also includes a Thinner which enables you to thin the consistency of your paints for subtle blending and shading.
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Citadel - Spray Paints
Undercoating with Citadel Sprays helps paint adhere to your models and also helps prevent it rubbing or chipping off. Most people use an undercoat spray, enabling them to undercoat whole units quickly and neatly. more info

Citadel - Liquid Green Stuff 12ml Vallejo - Plastic Putty Tube 20ml Warhammer 40K - Paints + Tools Set
OUR PRICE: $11.00
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RRP: $77.00
OUR PRICE: $69.50
Savings: $7.50
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Citadel - Liquid Green Stuff 12ml Vallejo - Plastic Putty Tube 20ml Warhammer 40K - Paints + Tools Set
Games Workshop - Citadel Colour Painting Handle
RRP: $20.00
OUR PRICE: $18.00
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Games Workshop - Citadel Colour Painting Handle
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