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Basing - Army Painter
The Battlefields series has been made to give unlimited options to the wargamer, when he/she decides on what type of bases the miniatures should have.
All the materials are the best quality the market can offer the range has 2 series: the Essential series is the foundation of the base, with gravel, rocks, scatter and Static Grass. The Essentials are where you decide the theme of your army.

The specialised Battlefields is called XP, and these will add very realistic and cool effects to any base. If you want to make an army a cut above the rest - look through the XP series for just that!
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Basing - Gamer's Grass Tufts
A relative newcomer in the tuft market, Gamers Grass is very popular as it is well priced and comes in a good variety of colours, even shrubs and flowers. Now in Generation II with new packaging, increased pack size and some exciting new colours.
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Basing - Warlord Games

A co-operative effort between Warlords Games and War World Gaming this is a wide range of Basing Materials designed to replicate a huge variety of landscapes – from lush green grasslands, areas of rock and rubble, forest ground, melting snow, and much more! There are also a range of tufts – the perfect extra touch to add that little extra realism to your bases and terrain pieces!

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Basing - Noch
Noch is world renowned for railway modelling scenery. We have selected the best from the range suitable for miniatures and wargaming.
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Spears, Pikes, Lances
Stop snapping your spears and pikes by replacing them with metal. And the little beggars are sharp too!
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