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Years in the making and by strong demand from the many hobbyists and painters all over the World using their products, The Army Painter have released the new and complete Wargaming range of Warpaints!
These colours are a 100% match to the Colour Primer spray of the same name - making the Warpaints an essential and coherent part of any wargamers' equipment to finishing armies of miniatures.
Cherry-picking the best supplier for each type; Acrylics, Metallics, Washes, Effects, Air and Speed Paints - the result is a truly unique range with heavy focus on absolute quality and wargaming appeal. The dropper bottles are 18ml.
Army Painter - Acrylic Warpaints
There are 96 different acrylic Warpaints - aimed at making the complete selection of colours used to paint miniatures available in one place. With the amount of colours in the range, you would not normally be needing to blend paints to get a nice highlight effect - as we have now done that for you! more info
Army Painter - Effects Warpaints
WHITE CAP - The Effects paints have been developed to create realistic looking effects to painted miniatures. Effects paints are usually the last you will paint onto a miniature as some of them are glossy (Blood, Slime and Wet Mud for instance). There are 9 Effects paints also covering Mixing Mediums & Varnishes. more info
Army Painter - Metallic Warpaints
BLACK CAP - The Metallic Warpaints are of unsurpassed quality and with very fine flakes they will cover the first time they are applied. There are 8 Metallics available in the Warpaints range and as they are based on the same Medium they will blend together easily if needed. more info
Army Painter - Washes Warpaints
RED CAP - There are 11 different toned washes in the Warpaints range. The Quickshade washes share the same type of extra heavy pigment which makes them formidable for adding shading and colourful effects to a miniature. Soft, Strong and Dark Tone are identical in colour to the 3 original Quickshades. more info
Army Painter - Air Warpaints
GOLD CAP - There are 126 different Warpaints Air Colours that have been developed with detailed miniatures in mind. The high-quality pigment has been through an extra filtration process to further distill the paints which helps to prevent airbrush clogging. Furthermore, each 18ml bottle has two rust-proof Steel Mixing Balls added for easy mixing - yielding smooth, perfectly mixed paints every time.
The Warpaints Air range has been developed in a unique and innovative Triad System – each matching Warpaint Acrylics colour has a corresponding Base and Highlight colour. This makes highlighting and zenithal shading a breeze because they take the guess-work out of airbrushing. This saves you endless time mixing colors and makes army painting even faster and more cohesive.
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Army Painter Paint Sets

Army Painter War Paint - Warpaints Airbrush Medium 100ml
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Army Painter War Paint - Warpaints Airbrush Medium 100ml
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