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Wargames Illustrated
Every month Wargames Illustrated features a different theme. The theme content comprises of 30-34 pages based on a single topic. Themes often centre around a particular conflict, campaign or even battle and sometimes something less chronologically constricted, such as in this February this year we had "Assaults from
the Sea" as a theme.....
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Wargame Rule Books
Well, you'll need something to do with these great models once you've finished lovingly painting them won't you?  We have Black Powder, Bolt Action, Deus Vult, Hail Caesar, Saga, Crescent and Cross, Ronin, In Her Majestys Name, Impetus, Clash of Empires Chain of Command, Lion Rampant and more all the time. more info
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28mm Ancients.
Want to build a Roman legion? fancy yourself as a bit of a Caesar? or maybe you want to be a Boadicea leading your wild blue tattooed fanatical warbands? Ancient history is history from the beginnings of the human race until the early Middle Ages (the fall of the Roman Empire in 476 AD). War and Peace Games covers the Greek and Roman Period including the amazing Carthaginian Wars and Imperial Rome, plus Celts, Germans, Dacians and Persians. Have a look at our growing ranges including Warlord Games, Crusader Miniatures and Artizan and we should have an army to suit..more to come!! more info
28mm Dark Ages.
The Dark Ages is a term referring to the perceived period of cultural and economic decline and disruption that took place in Western Europe following the decline of the Roman Empire. This period of perceived intellectual darkness and barbarity takes place during the Medieval Early Middle Ages (roughly 476 to 1000AD)... more info
SAGA 2nd Edition.

Saga is a game for model soldiers set in the Viking Age when strength and bravery were worth a thousand men. The rulebook contains all the necessary information you need to discover the SAGA gaming system. You will find not only all the game rules, but also a selection of scenarios to get you started plus four of the factions involved in the wars of the Viking Age (Anglo-Danish, Vikings, Welsh and Normans - with more to be published.) With plenty of illustrations, step-by-step examples and diagrams, learning the game mechanisms is simple and intuitive.

Less than thirty models per side are needed to start playing, so get ready to immerse yourself in this age of heroes and write your own saga.

SAGA uses ordinary D6 dice and special SAGA Dice and to play the game, each player will need their own set of SAGA Dice. SAGA Dice are six sided and covered in special Warband specific symbols. There is a section in the rulebook explaining a Do-It-Yourself solution for SAGA Dice or you can buy one of our lovely specially commissioned SAGA Dice sets.

FIGUREPACKS - In SAGA, you muster your faithful retainers in easy steps, making several choices from four highly skilled hearthguard, eight stalwart warriors or twelve less-than-ferocious levy with each choice costing 1 point. Starter warbands are 4 points and the average is 6. As you can see, the composition is pretty much up to you as Warlord and to make things even easier we will be sorting suitable models from our ranges into 1 point packs (eg 4 Hirdmen, 8 Bondi or 12 bowmen for the Vikings.)

PLEASE NOTE - Photos are for illustrative purposes only. Actual weapons supplied may vary.

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28mm Medieval
28mm Samurai
28mm War of Religion
28mm Renaissance.
Controversially regarded as the progression from Medieval Times to the the beginning of the 'modern' ages, the Renaissance saw continued poverty, warfare, religious and political persecution. Such events included the rise of Machiavelli, the Wars of Religion, the corrupt Borgia Popes, and the intensified witch-hunts of the 16th century. Many people who lived during the Renaissance did not view it as the "golden age" imagined by certain 19th-century authors, but were concerned by these social maladies. more info
28mm Thirty Years War
28mm English Civil War
28mm Georgian
28mm Marlburian
28mm French Indian War
Who wouldn't want to fight alongside Hawkeye or Lieutenant Colonel George Monro or even Magua the Huron scout? Or patrol deep into hostile country with Roger's Rangers? We have Muskets and Tomahawks (from the same team that brought you Saga) and a variety of miniatures from Warlord Games, North Star and Crusader. Grab a pack, a 'hawk and your mocassins! more info
28mm American War of Independence
28mm Napoleonic
An exciting new range of 28mm scale hard plastic Napoleonic figures from Perry Miniatures and Victrix Miniatures as well as our fabulous range of 28mm metal Foundry miniatures. more info
Black Seas
28mm American Civil War
Superb plastic and metal 28mm historical miniatures from two of the most renowned sculptors in the world. Our ranges include the Perry's own plastic miniatures and their earlier ranges of metals from Foundry. more info
28mm Wild West
28mm African and Zulu
28mm Franco Prussian War
28mm Boxer Rebellion.
28mm Sudan.
28mm WWI
28mm miniatures to cover the Great War battles on the Gallipoli Peninsula and a new small range to cover the Germans in East Africa. more info
28mm Spanish Civil War
A range of highly detailed 28mm Wargames Miniatures depicting soldiers of the Great War by Dave Andrews and Aly Morrison,the man who sculpted the Games Workshop 329. more info
28mm Gangsters
Gangster warfare in the roaring '20s more info
28mm WWII
We have a range of 28mm WWII Miniatures including Bolt Action Miniatures WWII, Artizan Miniatures and Crusader Miniatures. With hundreds of miniatures and Tonnes vehicles, this is a constantly growing range and amongst the highest quality 28mm WWII miniatures and vehicles in the world. more info
28mm Vietnam.
Victory At Sea
Osprey Publishing
Osprey continues to bring together expert authors and illustrators and military-history enthusiasts by delivering the information readers need to increase their knowledge and to enrich their leisure or professional pursuits.... Osprey's enthusiasm for military history is balanced by an equal enthusiasm for excellent publishing. more info
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