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The Dark Ages is a term referring to the perceived period of cultural and economic decline and disruption that took place in Western Europe following the decline of the Roman Empire. This period of perceived intellectual darkness and barbarity takes place during the Medieval Early Middle Ages (roughly 476 to 1000AD)...
SAGA The Viking Age

Saga is a game for model soldiers set in the Viking Age when strength and bravery were worth a thousand men. The rulebook contains all the necessary information you need to discover the SAGA gaming system. You will find not only all the game rules, but also a selection of scenarios to get you started plus four of the factions involved in the wars of the Viking Age (Anglo-Danish, Vikings, Welsh and Normans - with more to be published.) With plenty of illustrations, step-by-step examples and diagrams, learning the game mechanisms is simple and intuitive.

Dark Ages - Vikings
From the time of the first known raids in Lindisfarne in 793 until the Battle of Stamford Bridge in 1066 the Vikings were the most powerful and influential people of northern Europe. Famed for their battle prowess and extensive trade, they made themselves known from Western Europe to the Black Sea. Through a desire of freedom from the power of the Kings or perhaps sheer greed, the Vikings settled in many places of Europe. These Scandinavians were the people who helped form what today is Russia and have left marks in almost every country in Europe.
Dark Ages - Normans
Descendents of Viking leader Rollo and his followers who settled in Northern France, which became known as Normandy, the Normans were a strong warrior people. Norman troops under Duke William the Bastard invaded England in 1066 and defeated King Harold at the Battle of Hastings, establishing Norman rule.

Normans also carved kingdoms for themselves in lower Italy, Sicily and even the Middle East.

Famed for their use of heavy cavalry and kite shields, Norman armies also incorporated heavy, medium and light foot plus bow and crossbow armed archers.
Dark Ages - Saxons
The Saxons were a Germanic speaking people from Northern Europe. It appears that "Saxon" is an a name imposed by outsiders as a reflection of their traditional usage of a single edged sword or knife known as a "seax". Part of the Saxon group migrated to Britain in the Dark Ages where they settled and became known as the Anglo-Saxons after merging with other Germanic settlers including the Angles. Other Saxons remained in greater Germany where they continued to influence and merge with their neighbours for centuries.
Dark Ages - Terrain.
Dark Ages DECALS.

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