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Well, you'll need something to do with these great models once you've finished lovingly painting them won't you?  We have Black Powder, Bolt Action, Hail Caesar, Saga, Ronin, In Her Majestys Name, Impetus, Chain of Command, Lion Rampant, Swordpoint, Flames of War and more all the time.
RULES - Impetus
IMPETUS is an innovative Rules set which contains everything you'll need to play in Ancient, Medieval and Renaissance period battles.
Impetus can be played with 6mm, 10mm, 15mm, 20mm (1/72) and 25/28mm scale miniatures, and you won't even need to re-base your armies.
RULES - Ancients
RULES - Ancients. This category of rules covers warfare from the earliest recorded history up until end of the classical period in the 5th century AD.
RULES - Dark Ages
The Dark Ages is generally considered to be the period following the end of the Roman Empire in the West (5th century AD) up until the beginnings of the Feudal/Early Medieval era in the 11th century. Warfare in this period includes everything from small skirmish raids (Vikings etc) through to large battles that changed history such as the Norman invasion of Britain.
RULES - Medieval
Knights in shining armour! Well, that's what most people think of for this period. Covering the 11th to 15th centuries the Medieval period includes small and large scale warfare between feudal kingdoms, the Crusades, War of the Roses and the many wars of succession and king making across Europe.
RULES - Samurai
Warfare in classical Japan.
RULES - Renaissance
Rules covering the Thirty Years War and the English Civil War.
RULES - Georgian
RULES - Seven Years War/FIW
Often referred to as the true first world war, the Seven Years War conflict spanned the globe from Europe to North America where it was the impetus for what became known as the French and Indian Wars.
RULES - American War of Independence
RULES - Napoleonic
RULES - American Civil War
RULES - Wild West
Slap leather and pull iron! Cowboys and gamblers, dusty streets with two steely eyed gunhands facing each other under the midday sun. Shootouts didn't happen everyday but they can when playing in the Wild West!
RULES - Colonial
RULES - Spanish Civil War
RULES - Modern
RULES - Sci Fi and Fantasy
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