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Welcome to the Pulp Figures!

The inspiration for Pulp Figures remains early 20th Century ‘Pulp Era’ adventure film and fiction and the minis remain oriented towards table-top gaming. This is not to say that role-players won't find the miniatures exciting and useful. Everything under the Pulp Figures banner is character driven with fun and personality given priority over strict historical accuracy.

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Pulp Figures - Heroes and Personalities
Pulp Figures - Weird Menace
Pulp Horror (incl ZOMBIES!!)
Things that go bump in the night (also "Grrr, aaargh, brains!") Zombicide and more.
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Thrilling Tales
A range of miniatures featuring characters of daring do and with grit and determination. Inspired by pulp era novels and adventure movies these are characterful figures that provide an interesting addition to armies from many periods and games.
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