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Perry Miniatures - French Napoleonic Cavalry Deal
Perry Miniatures - French Napoleonic Cavalry Deal

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Perry Miniatures - French Napoleonic Cavalry Deal

1 x Perry Miniatures - French Napoleonic Hussars 1792-1815 (Plastic)
The figures in the box cover the hussar regiments in the French army from the Revolutionary War to the end of the Empire. They can be represented in their stunning full-dress uniforms or their more functional campaign dress. Included in the box are enough heads to kit the whole unit out in either mirlitons, colpacks, three different types of bell-top shakos (one of which is covered) or cylindrical shakos. The torsos are separate from the legs, to allow you to choose between the full dress breaches or campaign overalls. The pelisses and carbines are also separate. Included in the box is an extensive painting guide on a double-sided A3 sheet, containing over 100 examples of uniforms. The arms are attached to the torsos, as I didn't want too many parts to the figures. Just by twisting the torso on the legs, you can create a varied look. The horses are a new, lighter breed in keeping with light cavalry. Box contains: 14 mounted figures, unit bases, painting guide and flags

1 x Perry Miniatures - French Napoleonic Dragoons 1812-1815 (Plastic)
The box contains 13 mounted dragoons, 8 dismounted (this allows for horse holders) , 6 casualties (French and British Infantry), unit bases and painting guide. Torsos for the correct ratio of troopers for the elite company are included, both in helmets and the old bearskins retained by some regiments. The dragoon's traditional role of dismounting to fire use long musketoons was still, on occasion performed, but since 1800 they had evolved into regular cavalry. The box includes mounted and dismounted figures to allow their full range of duties to be represented.

1 x Perry Miniatures - French Napoleonic Heavy Cavalry 1812-1815 (Plastic)
The box contains 14 cavalrymen, including 1 officer, 1 trumpeter, 1 standard bearer. Although you can substitute the trumpeter and standard bearer for troopers giving you 13 rank and file if you like. All the figures come with both Cuirassier and Carabinier heads to allow you to build up units of either of these famous Heavy cavalry types. We are also providing enough arms to allow the whole unit to be ‘at the charge’ or a more relaxed shoulder swords. As there was spare room on the horse frame ( if we’d put another horse on it, it wouldn’t be the right ratio for the riders frame) we decided to add a dead British Infantryman, as well as a French one and some battlefield debris. So you’ll have 3 of each casualty in the box. The Carabiniers are using the square service portemanteau.

Miniatures supplied unassembled and unpainted.

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