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TANKS Game - 15mm
A simple but fun game using 15mm (1/100 scale) tanks
Flames of War - 15mm
The very popular WWII gaming system from Battlefront. Now including pre-orders for 4th Edition.
Plastic Soldier - 15mm
Made in the UK, these highly detailed yet fast build vehicles miniatures are a quick and easy way to build your WWII armies.
Zvezda - 15mm WWII
Made in Russia, Zvezda makes good quality model kits at a very reasonable price.
Army Deals - 15mm
Grab an entire starting army in one go, at a great price
15mm Terrain.
Good terrain really makes your games table pop. We have an excellent range of buildings etc suitable for all 15mm WWII gaming including Flames of War, Battlegroup, Iron Cross, Chain of Command or any other 15mm -1/100 scale game.

Plastic Soldier - 15mm Mixed Base Set ***These are 100% compatible with FOW !!!***
OUR PRICE: $15.00
In Stock
4Ground - 15mm Shop 3: Corner Grocers
OUR PRICE: $27.00
In Stock
4Ground Terrain - 15mm La Haye Sainte Collection
OUR PRICE: $166.00
In Stock
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