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The industrial juggernaut of the USA may have entered the war later than other combatants but their contributions arguably turned the war in the Allies favour.
US Airborne
28m Miniature WWII range of US Airborne and Artillery. St Mere-Eglise. Carentan. Nijmegen. Actions that stir the blood and conjure images of those highly-trained US paratroopers punching holes in the German lines in Normandy and later holding off overwhelming opposition in the Ardennes. As brilliantly highlighted in the superb TV series, Band of Brothers the US Airborne troops were always at the pointy-end of the action and weren't found wanting. So whether you're looking to recreate the actions of Easy Company, 101st Division (Screaming Eagles) or one of the other American Airborne forces look no further... more info
WWII US Infantry
28mm WWII Miniature ranges from Warlord Games (Bolt Action) and Artizan.
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Bolt Action - US Marines
The US Marines spearheaded the American response to Japan, leading to a ferocious island-hopping campaign fielding shotguns, flamethrowers and Thompson submachine guns. Key battles included Guadalcanal, Iwo Jima, and Okinawa.
Get Started With: US Semper Fidelis Starter Army / US Marines / US Marines Support Group / LVT-4 Buffalo
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WWII US Tanks and Vehicles
Vehicles were what made WWII different to previous wars. Check out our range of US vehicle kits from Warlord Games and Rubicon.
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Bolt Action - Order Dice Olive Drab
Bolt Action - Order Dice Olive Drab
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