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Team Yankee - Red Thunder Soviet Sourcebook
Team Yankee - Red Thunder Soviet Sourcebook

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Team Yankee - Red Thunder Soviet Sourcebook

When Team Yankee kicked off you received two sets of intelligence briefings in the rulebook to get everybody started, based on the forces featured in H W Coyle’s novel Team Yankee. Since then we have seen the release of Leopard (West German forces), Iron Maiden (British forces) and Volksarmee (East German Forces). Red Thunder is the first book to revisit the forces initially featured in Team Yankee. Red Thunder expands and enhances the forces available in Team Yankee for the Soviet Army.

The Soviet Union’s most powerful forces are stationed in East Germany and Czechoslovakia poised on the border with West Germany ready to strike at a moment’s notice. They are equipped with the very best Soviet industry has to offer, from sophisticated missile firing T-64 tanks and powerful T-72 tanks to versatile BMP infantry fighting vehicles, as well as plentiful BTR-60 armoured personnel carriers.
Supported by elite Afgansty Air Assault troops, powerful self-propelled artillery, and effective and numerous antitank and anti-aircraft weapons, there will be little that the corrupt capitalist armies of NATO can do to stop them. Soon the western workers will be free and the dawn of a new socialist age will begin.
There is more choice. More tanks options with the introductions of the T-64, more anti-tank options with the Storm and Spandrel anti-tank missile carriers, more anti-aircraft with the SA-8 Gecko and SA-9 Gaskin SAM vehicles, more recon options with the addition of the BRDM-2 scout car, and more motor rifle options with the introduction of the BTR-60 armoured personnel carrier. These add more Formations to choose from with the addition of the T-64 Tank Battalion and BTR-60 Motor Rifle Battalion.
Don’t worry, all your old favourites are still available. In fact these can also gain access to the new anti-tank, anti-aircraft, motor rifle, and recon options. You can still take a T-72 Tank Battalion, or a BMP Motor Rifle Battalion, and we have also included the Afgantsy Air Assault Battalion in Red Thunder, which also has access to many of the new models as support options.

Team Yankee is a 15mm miniature game based on the very successful Flames of War system.

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