Shieldwolf - Sisters of Faith Talliarius Female Space Paladin
Shieldwolf - Sisters of Faith Talliarius Female Space Paladin

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Shieldwolf - Sisters of Faith Talliarius Female Space Paladin
The Sisters of Faith were notorious ever since their foundation for doing their best to keep the Unity. It was through self sacrifice that all these centuries they kept vigilant over the threats that reigned constantly over the fragile peace treaty, and it was through the preservation of knowledge that they would become a better World. Since many believed that idea to be futile, they were named Sisters of Faith, as that was the only thing fueling them to meet their end cause.
The Kingdom of Talliarius remains till present day the only sanctuary of this holy order.

"For dust you were and into dust you shall return. And thy shall now return faster since your sorry face came across mine..."
Laura, Lt. of the 214th Regiment of the Sisters of Faith

This multi-part hard plastic kit contains all you need to assemble 20 Sisters of Talliarius® Infantry. The sprues include all pieces required to assemble your forces with multiple ways. The detailed components include various arm/weapon types for customization purposes and along with the 4 different bodies, various front and rear tabards, crosses, 4 different pauldron sets and multiple head variations (both helmeted and unhelmeted versions to choose from!) allows the creation of unique regiments for your disciplined Sisters of Talliarius army. Models are supplied with twenty plastic 25mm round bases.

Plastic miniatures, supplied unpainted. Assembly required.

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