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Warbands and figure packs for the twelve factions in the Saga - Age of Vikings supplement.

Saga - Vikings
Vikings! The scourge of the North, coming to a village near you.
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Saga - Anglo Danish
This faction represents the Anglo Danish peoples who ruled England prior to the Norman invasion.
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Saga - Normans
Descended from Viking settlers in France, the Normans were a powerhouse from the Tenth to the 13th century, conquering England, southern Italy, Sicily and more. Now includes BRETONS.
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Saga - Anglo Saxon
The Anglosaxons were the inhabitants of what became known as England after Rome left Britain and waves of Northern European peoples settled there. The most famous leader of the Anglosaxons was probably King Alfred the Great.
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Saga - Welsh
Including Strathclyde Welsh
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Saga - Scots
Saga - Jomsviking
Saga - Byzantine - Last Romans
The Byzantine empire were the "Last Romans", surviving for almost a millenium after the fall of the Empire in the West.
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Saga - Norse Gaels
Saga - Carolingian Franks
The Frankish warriors of Charlemagne
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Saga - Pagun Rus
The pagan peoples of the Russian river kingdoms, settled and conquered by Vikings.
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Saga - Irish
Barefoot or not, the Dark Age Irish were fearsome in battle.
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