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Warbands and figure packs for the twelve factions in the Saga - Age of Crusades supplement which includes factions from 1st edition Crescent & Cross plus more.

Saga Age of Crusades - Crusaders
This faction represents the armies of the western lords who took the Cross to "liberate" the Holy Lands (Levant) or battle the Baltic pagans.
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Saga Age of Crusades - Mongols
The feared and historically successful Mongol horde.
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Saga Age of Crusades - Milites Christi
The Christian Military Orders present in the Levant and Spain such as the Templars, the Hospitallers and the Order of Calatrava.
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Saga Age of Crusades - Spanish
The armies of the Christian kingdoms fighting the Reconquista.
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Saga Age of Crusades - Ordenstaat Teutonic Knights
Saga Age of Crusades- Byzantines
Covering the armies of the Christian empire of the East, the remnant of the Roman Empire that fought on for six centuries. Warlord, Heathguards and Warriors are mounted with composite bows, Levy can have crossbows, bows or just a bad attitude and no special equipment!
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Saga Age of Crusades - Arabs and Saracens
This faction represents the Turkish and Arab forces that controlled Asia Minor when the Crusaders arrived in the Holy Land.
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Saga Age of Crusades- Eastern Princes
Covering the armies of the Russian Princedoms and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania who fought and equipped their troops very similarly.
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Saga Age of Crusades - Heroes
Saga Age of Crusades - Auxiliaries
Saga Age of Crusades - Accessories, Civilians, Animals
Baggage, animals, civilians, dice and tokens for Crusades Age games.
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