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Flames of War - FW269 Bagration Axis-Allies
Flames of War - FW269 Bagration Axis-Allies

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Flames of War - FW269 Bagration Axis-Allies
In 1944 Stalin’s Red army is on the attack. While it throws the Germans out of Byelorussia, it also goes about defeating Germany’s allies; Finland, Romania and Hungary. The Romanians hold off the first Soviet attacks, but a second massive offensive in August 1944 sees them overwhelmed. They surrender and swap sides to fight alongside the Soviets. Meanwhile, the Finns also fight for their survival as the Soviets attempt to steamroll them out of the war. They fight the Soviets to a standstill and agree a peace, but are forced to to turn on the Germans. Then three massive Soviet Fronts turn on Hungary, defended by six German and Hungarian armies. The great red sledgehammer is soon swinging, as the Soviets and Romanians launch an assault toward Budapest. Axis armoured forces attempt to stop the encirclement of the city. This savage and bitter struggle will last for 100 grueling days.

Inside You Will Find:
Background on the Finnish, Hungarian, and Romanian Armies during the epic battles for the Eastern Front in 1944 and 1945.
  • Instructions on how to build a Finnish T-26 Armoured Company, Sturmi Assault Gun Company and Infantry Company, or a Hungarian Panther Tank Company, Tiger Tank Company, Turán Tank Company, Panzer IV Tank Company, Zrinyi Assault Gun Company, StuG Assault Gun Company, Hetzer Assault Gun Company and Rifle Company, or a Romanian R-2 Light Tank Company, T-4 Medium Tank Company, TA Assault Gun Company, and Motorised Rifle Company.
  • Painting and Basing guides.
  • Three new Bagration themed Missions.

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