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Buildings for every period of gaming from the ancient world to World War II, even for fantasy and sci-fi worlds. We have 4Ground pre-painted mdf, Warlords plastic, Renedra plastic, Gripping Beast resin and many other types of building. Even a castle!
Fabulous and fantastic buildings for use in fantasy games such as Frostgrave, Warhammer Fantasy Battles, Age of Sigmar, Dragon Rampant, Mordheim or whatever you play. Also featuring SciFi style buildings for games such as Warhammer 40K and Necromunda.
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Dark Age and Medieval
Everything from a rude peasant's hut of wattle and daub, through Vikings houses and halls to a castle fit for a lord in this category. more info
Renaissance, ECW and Napoleonic
This range of buildings is great for re-fighting many English Civil War and other Renaissance Battles. Giving striking objectives and creating diversity on the battlefied, whether for your armies to fight for or around. This could be part of a more urbanised area as at the Battle of Leeds or as a solitary farm building. more info
North America
Buildings suitable for Colonial, French & Indian Wars, AWI, ACW, Western expansion and even twentieth century gangsters. more info
African, Arabic (mud houses etc)
Colonial and rammed earth/mudbrick style buildings suitable for the Middle East and Africa from ancient to modern times. more info
Dead Mans Hand and the Wild West
Saloons, livery stables, Sherriff's office, gallows and everything else you need to build a Western town. more info
Colonial and Empire
If you want to bring enlightenment to the natives, search through the dark heart of Africa or fight for your freedom against the European oppressors this range of buildings and terrain allows you to quickly put together the terrain you need to make your game a memorable experience. more info
World War II
If you want to fight through Normandy, the Ardennes, Holland and Germany or get dug in on the Eastern front, this range enables you to get high quality terrain on the battlefield in double quick time. more info

Bolt Action - Tank Damage Marker - also good for buildings
Bolt Action - Tank Damage Marker - also good for buildings
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