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The city states of Ancient Greeks developed warfare through the invention of the Hoplite Phalanx. The Phalanx was a formation of soldiers who fought shoulder to shoulder behind large shields which provided protection for themselves and their neighbour in line. Armed with long spears and in ranks up to 16 or men deep, the Hoplite warriors dominated warfare from the 7th to 3rd Century BC.
Until the development of the Roman maniple system there was no force that could stand up to a phalanx except another phalanx. Irregular and undisciplined troops could not break the wall of shields and spears. Even the famed Persians came to rely on mercenary Greek Hoplites as the backbones of their armies after repeated defeats by the Greeks.
Victrix Ancient Greeks
Warlord Games Ancient Greeks
Athens vs Sparta, the glorious sight of hoplite armies rolling across your table. What's not to like about gaming the wars of Ancient Greece?
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