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Army Painter Warpaints ** NEW PAINTS
Years in the making and by strong demand from the many hobbyists and painters all over the World using their products, The Army Painter finally announces the new and complete Wargaming range of Warpaints!

These colours are a 100% match to the Colour Primer spray of the same name (or Quickshade) - making the Warpaints an essential and coherent part of any wargamers' equipment to finishing armies of miniatures.

Cherry-picking the best supplier for each type; Acrylics, Metallics and Ink washes - the result is a truly unique range with heavy focus on absolute quality and wargaming appeal. The dropper bottles are 18ml.

Colours of War Paint **NEW-WWII Sets
Army Painter Sprays

An ingenious combination of Primer and Colour Spray in one. The Colour Primer's unique formula has been designed to be used on all metal, plastic and resin miniatures and leaves a perfect finish. The extra-fine pigment and special nozzle combination makes the Colour Primers easily cover the first time. The colours are extremely matt, making your freshly sprayed miniatures or models ready for basecoat almost right away. Save both time and money. No need for 2 different sprays - all you need is one Colour Primer for perfect results.

All primers are Acrylic based, matt and dry very quickly. We advise you try out the CP on a old test model or similar first, to test the colour and finish.


1. Shake for minimum 1 minute
2. Spray at a distance of maximum 20 cm. (no further)
3. Spray in long burst while moving the spray back and forth

Quick Shade Dips
The famous and ground-breaking Quick Shade is a pigmented varnish which will shade your miniatures perfectly and still let the colours come through.
Army Painter Fantasy Paint Sets
A fantastic new range of paints from Army Painter, developed especially to suit fantasy armies. Each set is a collection of colours suited to popular fantasy army races. When combined with the Army Painter Starter paint set they give you every colour you need for your race of choice.
Army Painter Zombicide
Zombicide fans rejoice! These are the ultimate paints for ANY type of zombie. We include carefully researched colour tones to reflect the human anatomy in a decomposed state. With colours like “Brainmatter Beige” and Crusted Sore” and worse, The Army Painter team has had a nasty job researching the right tones. We researched these – so you don’t have to!
Vallejo WW2 Wargames Paint Sets
Mix Will from Plastic Soldier with a bit of Vallejo and this is what you get !! These brilliant sets are geared towards the WWII plastic and metal miniatures soldier range but are good with any genre you love.

Vallejo's Modelcolor range has been formulated with permanent pigments for fine arts; all colors are completely lightfast and opaque The consistency of these paints allows for an extremely smooth and uniform paintfilm, with no trace of brushstrokes. Professional model painters always work with a wet brush and dilute the paint with water or Matte Medium, applying many thin layers to achieve depth and shadows. The waterbased formula of Modelcolor has been specifically developed for adherence on difficult surfaces such as metal and plastic, but is not toxic, not flammable, and does not give off noxious fumes. Errors can be corrected immediately with water or alcohol Modelcolor dries quickly to a matte, even and waterproof finish.

WWII Warsprays and Washes
Developed with the help of Kvasir Innovations (the boys behind The Army Painter), these high quality spray paints have been carefully researched to accurately portray WWII tank and infantry uniform base colors. The range consists of Tank Sprays: Russian and British ; and Infantry Sprays: German Fieldgrey, Russian Uniform, British Khaki and U.S. Olive Drab. 400ml army-sized cans for $20. A new addition to the Plastic Soldier range are the Weathering Sprays, quick easy weathering and shading for vehicles or terrain.

Click on the image below to view a Warsprays Tutorial ..

DEALS - Paints
We have bundled together some of our most popular paint combinations for even greater value.
Painting Guides.

Army Painter - Laser DOT - Markerlight
OUR PRICE: $16.00
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Army Painter - Laser LINE - Targetlock
OUR PRICE: $16.00
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